100% Hydrogen Annealing Systems

100% Hydrogen Annealing Systems

Quality. Quality. Quality…and at a lower cost.

  • Get consistent mechanical properties on annealed strip.
  • Anneal extra-deep drawing quality grades (EDDQ).
  • Reduce overall per ton utility costs.
  • Keep in process inventory costs to a minimum.
  • Minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
100% Hydrogen Annealing Systems

RAD-CON’s 100% Hydrogen Super-High Convection™ (H2SHC™) bell-type annealing furnaces (BAF) offer the highest convection flow in the industry to reduce temperature variations in a minimum amount of cycle times. The overall facility efficiency is enhanced through our industry-leading CAPS™ software—including inventory control through interface to plant ERP systems.

MODERNIZE! Reduce operating costs by 50%! Upgrade your existing HN annealing shop to 100% H2. Hydrogen performance improves quality, reduces in-process inventory costs, and provides access to new customers/markets.

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