Project Services

Project Services Project Services

RAD-CON provides turnkey design, manufacturing, installation, and operational support for complete annealing facilities anywhere in the world. From kickoff through commissioning, RAD-CON’s focus on the customer ensures our success and your satisfaction for every project. The components of Project Services are:

Project Management

RAD-CON assigns each contract a project manager to provide a central interface for planning, scheduling, monitoring, and customer interaction.

Project Engineering

RAD-CON’s project engineering services support the installation and application of RAD-CON’s BAF equipment and software. The services range from basic installation drawings to product customization to turn-key installation engineering.


RAD-CON provides training with all new annealing facilities. Training is dividing into off-site and on-site categories. Click Here for More Info on Training.

Site Services

RAD-CON experts are deployed to site to provide direct technical assistance and testing, resulting in hand over of the BAF to the customer:

  • Supervision: Technical supervision of new BAF facilities during planning, construction, erection, final assembly, and installation phases.
  • Commissioning: Testing and proving of new BAF installation up to handover for production use.

Optimization Service

RAD-CON provides optional advisory services after commissioning is complete. Equipment is commissioned with an initial set-up according to the contract specification. With the optimization service, additional support is provided to fine-tune the operation considering new requirements. Optimization service sometimes involves recommendations for up and down stream processes which help get the most out of the new BAF facilities.

RAD-CON provides complete process consulting services on an ongoing equipment recommendations, throughput analysis, quality defect resolution, and overall annealing management. Our consultants have the expertise and breadth of knowledge to give you the solutions and help you need.

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